The Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC) met in Hanover twice during the 206th Alumni Council meeting. Its first meeting was held on Thursday, May 14. Committee chair Danielle Dyer ’81, ’89Tu opened the meeting. Committee members discussed feedback received from alumni through their alumni councilors to date. The committee discussed recent events that had taken place on campus, including the student protests during the Dimensions program and the cancellation of classes and programming that took place for the Dartmouth community one day later that week. Next on the agenda was a discussion about the format and timeline for the production of the 2012-13 annual report, which will be shared with the Board of Trustees and posted online for all alumni. Vice President for Alumni Relations Martha Beattie ’76 reported that the Alumni Relations Office recently conducted a satisfaction survey among Dartmouth volunteers. She would like to collaborate with the ALC on the questions and substance of a future alumni survey. Marty Lempres ’84 will chair the ALC next year.

The second meeting was held on May 16, with trustee Annette Gordon-Reed ’81 and acting senior vice president for advancement Ann Root Keith. Marty Lempres provided a recap of the 206th Alumni Council meeting. A discussion about the recent events on campus followed. The next topic of discussion was led by John “J.B.” Daukas ’84, president of the Association of Alumni (AoA). J.B. reported that the Association of Alumni Executive Committee is considering proposing an amendment to the AoA constitution that would require a trustee election only when it is contested. The final topic of discussion was the transition to Phil Hanlon’s presidency.