May 18–19, 2012

The Academic Affairs Committee met on the morning of Friday, May 18.

There were three sets of presentations.

The presentation on “The Intersection of Pedagogy and Scholarship” featured Jon Kull ’88, associate professor of chemistry, and Susan Ackerman ’80, Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion, talked about their recent research interests and how the undergraduate students are able to participate in their research activities.

The next presentation was a panel on “The Challenge and Opportunity of Technology in the Classroom.” This panel included Christiane Donahue, director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and associate professor of linguistics; Katherine J. Milligan ’90, ’07Tu, lecturer at Tuck School of Business and director of the Master of Health Care Delivery Science Program; Mark Williams, associate professor of film and media studies; Karen Gocsik, executive director of the writing program and adjunct assistant professor of English; and Karolina Krelinova ’14. There was a wide range of topics covered as part of the panel. Included were things such as interactive class blogs to the use of technology and distance learning that is being implemented in the Master of Health Care Delivery Science Program.

The third presentation focused on “Popular Majors and Course Oversubscription.” Nancy Marion, associate dean of the faculty for social sciences and the George J. Records ’56 Professor of Economics, and Meredith Braz, registrar, talked about the challenges of registering for oversubscribed courses and the growth of popular majors. It is not always possible for students to receive their first choices in courses during the initial registration period. However, there is an awareness of these issues.

Vin Pellegrini ’77, ’79DMS was elected vice chair of the Academic Affairs Committee for next year. Patrick Martin ’73 will serve as the chair of the committee next year.