The Alumni Awards Committee, composed of seven former Alumni Award winners (many of whom are past Alumni Council members), met with Lynne Gaudet and Sarah Sinclair in Hanover on October 29, 2010. We discussed numerous Alumni Award candidates who have come to our attention via alumni, administrators of the College, club and class organizations, and self- nominations. In order to be eligible for the award, alumni must be at least 25 years past their graduation year and they cannot currently be employed by the College, serving on the board of trustees or sitting on the Alumni Council. In deciding on award recipients, we look for long-standing and meritorious service to Dartmouth, with both career and community service as added dimensions. We have a gradual process of culling the names on the list, which often involves assignments to gather more information about particular candidates. By our second meeting of the year, which will be in the spring, we will have several awardees selected. They are notified on July 1, and we then begin the process of selecting appropriate venues for each award to be presented (for example, reunion, club event, Alumni Council meeting) during the 2011-12 year.