Sean Plottner, editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, made a presentation regarding the online version of the magazine. 

Committee member Andy Horne ’87 led a discussion about the focus of the committee. He recommended that the following items be discussed by the committee at each meeting: metrics (how well is the council communicating via emails?), tools (is the council using them effectively? Which presentations should the committee bring to the entire Alumni Council?), issues, and councilor reporting. The committee decided to create a subcommittee to discuss these issues between meetings, draft a new committee mission statement, and examine purposeful acts and recommendations to share with the entire Communications Committee. The subcommittee will: identify purpose and set task, base agenda on task, and ensure follow-up with action items.

The committee discussed councilor communications, including the summary produced by Brooks Clark ’78 after each meeting. Brooks will retire from the Alumni Council on June 30 and Debbie Atuk ’04Tu will oversee the production of the fall meeting report. Jay Davis ’54 shared a handout of a writing style guide. He will compose a draft of a style guide, circulate it via email to the Communications Committee members, and allow everybody to work on revisions together. The committee will then post the final guide on the Alumni Council website as a tool for councilors.

Sarah Jackson-Han ’88 will become the chair in 2010-11. Derek Symer ’90 was elected vice chair for 2010-11.