May 14–16, 2009

Chair Greg Chittim ’01, ’03Th welcomed Lindsay Whaley, chair of the linguistics and cognitive science program and associate dean for interdisciplinary studies, who spoke to the committee about interdisciplinary teaching and the international studies minor. Professor Whaley was followed by Robert Resutek, an assistant professor at Tuck, who shared his experiences teaching the first undergraduate business course on accounting.

Greg then explained that committee members would soon receive a link to an online bibliography of reading lists recommended by the faculty who presented at the December Alumni Council meeting (Don Pease, Aine Donovan, and Chris Jernstedt). There was no further discussion on this topic. The committee then elected Hugh O’Reilly ’86 as the vice chair. The meeting closed with a gathering of ideas for future topics:

  • Update on Native American studies by the current chair, Bruce Duthu ’80;
  • What makes Dartmouth academics unique from other institutions;
  • Information on the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL);
  • Dartmouth’s re-accreditation;
  • Academic integrity;
  • The status of visiting, adjunct, and non-tenure track professors, including how many classes each group is teaching;
  • Tenure process and the role of students and course evaluations;
  • Ethnic and regional studies;
  • Presentation by Mary Flanagan, professor of film and television studies and chair of digital humanities.