Alumni and Student Engagement

The Alumni and Student Engagement Committee focuses on opportunities for strategic engagement of and between alumni and students as they enter alumni-hood. Through the work of the councilors, the committee identifies key working areas and deliverables each year and develops plans in partnership with Alumni Relations for how students and recent graduates connect with each other and with Dartmouth.

Liz Agosto '01
Shaun Akhtar '12
Nick Aponte '76 P'04
Al Austin '75 P'20
Ernie Babcock '70
Kate Carolan '05
Ben Day '66 TH'67 TH'69 P'99 GRP'00
Emily Duke '11
Ryan Ford -Liaison
Dick Hanson '64 TH'65
Martha Hincks '86 P'22
Kalia Hunter '21
Norman Jacobs '69
Erica Jacobsen '91
Eric Jenkins '99
Caryn Karo '04 - Vice Chair
Ethan Levine '03 TH'05
Margaret Marder '85 P'12 P'15
Jaden Oliveras '21
Vinay Reddy '20
Amanda Rosenblum '07 - Chair
Cheryl Shepard '90
Ray Sosa '95
Ben Wilson '18
Soyeun Yang '16