Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

The Class of 1992
2014 Class of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

At Class Officers Weekend in 2013, the Class of 1992 received an honorable mention for the Class of the Year Award, recognized for its solid engagement and hardworking leadership team. Over the past year, the Class of 1992 has kept up the momentum and has proven to be a standout yet again. The class executive committee kept classmates connected and engaged in support of the College and each other. With strong leadership and creative ways of keeping classmates involved, class president Jennifer Newsom and her team of class officers led the great Class of 1992 through an exceptional year.

Communication is a strong point for the Class of 1992. With the help of the class secretary, newsletter editor, and webmaster, classmates have a variety of ways to stay connected. A proactive secretary was persistent in soliciting class news for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine column--asking specific questions that enticed classmates to share their stories. The newsletter editor sent a total of five newsletters throughout the year, including a printed "Year in Review" issue of The Standing Bonfire, which showcased input from 130 classmates on the 92nd-day virtual reunion. The class webmaster used a combination of a class website and social media to keep things "simple but compelling" for busy '92 classmates.

Members of the Class of 1992 were engaged throughout the year through five successful mini-reunions in San Francisco, New York, Hanover, and Philadelphia. The 92nd-day virtual reunion was a tremendous hit and involvement continues to increase every year. With foresight, the class treasurer was able to increase dues participation through careful messaging, focusing on the impact of class projects via class dues. Head agents also succeeded in increasing dollars, donors, and 1769 Society members through a strategic method that included handwritten notes to leadership donors and those who gave for the first time.

The Class of 1992 is caring and generous. The class dues program was used in part to fund Engage92, a program that rewarded classmates who participated in community service during the month of April, and to support the Caring Committee, which offers condolence gifts to classmates who have experienced loss. Based on the results of a survey to their classmates, the Class of 1992 decided to fund an academic class project in addition to the three already existing projects with athletics, Dartmouth Partners, and Community Service and Haven House.

In recognition of its tremendous hard work and success, we are honored to present the 2014 Class of the Year award to the Great Class of 1992.