In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Tracey Salmon-Smith '87
2019 Class President of the Year –  26 Years Out and Older

Tracey, you led your class this year in celebrating all that is unique and valued in the Class of 1987. As president, you recognized the needs of your classmates, you honored individualism in the collective whole, and you governed with respect.

The result was a vibrant year that kept the class connected and energized, with 25 mini reunions, 139 pages of newsletter content, and Dartmouth 250th Greenlighting photos shared on Facebook by classmates all over the world. You appointed a new social media chair to build community via as many channels as possible, and you recently launched the Class of ’87 Compassion Network, which strives to connect with and support classmates in need. One of your class’s innovative achievements from this past year was the first ever Class of ’87 Virtual Book Club with Professor Pease, of which your class was deservedly very proud.

As president, you fostered the bonds between your classmates and took seriously the goal of meeting people where they are. You led a team with a platform that kept the Class of 1987 engaged, connected, and strong. Your leadership keeps your class moving forward, as a diverse-yet-connected whole.

Tracey, it is with the greatest pride that the Class President’s Association honors you as the 2019 Class President of the Year.