In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Kevin D. Kerin ’81 MED’93 
2019 Class Digital Content Manager of the Year – 26 Years Out and Older

Kevin, on behalf of Dartmouth College, we would like to express our tremendous gratitude for all your hard work and accomplishments as the Class of 1981 digital content manager.

Updated on a weekly basis, the ’81 website reflects the sense of inclusivity embodied by your class and contains numerous nostalgia-inducing features—from a crisp Reunion photo of your classmates in Hanover, to audio of President Kemeny’s commencement address, to video of your entire graduation ceremony 38 years ago!

Your decision to post English professor Peter Bien’s freshman year address to the ’81s resulted in a meeting and discussion among your classmates at Homecoming, while the inclusion of audio from the Grateful Dead concert at Thompson Arena spawned the now-regularly-featured “Spinnings from the Web” in your class newsletter. A classmate’s chili recipe was added for all to enjoy, giving readers fun content that could be useful at home.

Your digital outreach extends beyond the website. Thanks to the survey you conducted to improve class communications, the class was able to fine-tune its frequency and methods of contact. Furthermore, the ’81s have taken steps to be intentional about communications by establishing a communications committee, of which you are a member, to coordinate classmate outreach. Your class Facebook page is also very active, containing hundreds of posts about ’81s. This is supplemented by a new Instagram account that will likely grow over the upcoming months and years.

Many, many thanks for your creative and persistent efforts on behalf of the College and the Class of 1981. Kevin, we are excited to award you 2019 Class Digital Content Manager of the Year.