In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Jan Bradley Brzeski ’89 
The Ford Whelden ’25 and Robert Kaiser ’39 Award

2019 Gift Planning Chair of the Year

Jan, we recognize you as a dedicated and energetic voice of Dartmouth among the alumni and officers of the Class of 1989.

Through your personal leadership as a Bartlett Tower Society member and your volunteer service as a gift planning chair for your class, you have inspired your peers to participate in Dartmouth’s gift planning program. Thanks to your collaborative work with the Gift Planning Office and personal engagement with classmates, the Class of 1989 gained 12 Bartlett Tower Society members in one fiscal year, bringing the Class of 1989 membership to 35 members and breaking the 30th Reunion record for Bartlett Tower Society membership. 

In grateful recognition of your devoted service to Dartmouth, to the Class of 1989, and especially to the Gift Planning program, the Association of Gift Planning Officers is proud to recognize you as Huius Anni Principes Captatorum or Gift Planning Chair of the Year, and the 44th recipient of The Ford Whelden ’25 and Robert Kaiser ’39 Award.