In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Heidi E. Conner '97a 
2019 Newsletter Editor of the Year –  25 Years Out and Younger

This past year, following your 20th Reunion, you and your co-editors revived your long-dormant newsletter The ’97 Sweep with three engaging issues.

The Sweep celebrated the successes of some of your most high-profile classmates in Hollywood, but also introduced new class officers and others with short personal interviews that provided a glimpse into their lives at Dartmouth and today, acknowledging shared roots while enjoying varied directions taken 'round the girdled earth. Classmate interviews included a clever way to pull in other ’97s by asking who they wanted to hear more from, a nice transparency to the process in rebuilding and reaching the class.

For the classmates who aren't as chatty, you've included quick ways to engage, including short "Pop Quiz" online polls with results shared in the following issue, and demonstrated responsiveness to previous input by including updates on the ’97’s new process for dues solicitation. ’97s also swept through the Call to Lead events and more mini-reunions which were featured to positive effect in your pages. We look forward to seeing more from your newsletter team in the coming years.

Heidi, it is with the greatest pride that the Class Newsletter Editors Association honors you with the 2019 Class Newsletter Editor of the Year Award.