In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Corey Fleming Hirokawa ’95
2019 Class Treasurer of the Year – 25 Years Out and Younger

Corey, it is our pleasure to recognize you as the Class Treasurer of the Year among our younger classes. In the time that you have held this role, your accomplishments have been truly noteworthy. Your endless focus and attention to detail are deeply appreciated and valued by your Executive Committee.

Your thoughtful and careful management of the Class Treasury has allowed the Class of 1995 to generously donate a total of $17,500 to three separate projects: The Rockefeller Center First Year Initiative, Dartmouth Partners in Community Service, and the Dartmouth College Fund. At the same time, you have been able to marshal the class’s resources in order to seed your 25th Reunion with an impressive $35,000, which will keep costs down for your classmates and encourage higher attendance.

These efforts have established a strong foundation for the Class of 1995 going forward. A well-funded treasury and fundraising process will continue to engage and connect the class by funding meaningful projects, mini and major reunions, and other activities.

“Corey has been a dependable member of our Executive Committee since she moved seamlessly from being our 20th Reunion treasurer right into her current role,” shared Class President Jennifer Hee. “Under Corey's leadership, our class budgets have been prepared in a timely fashion, our class officers are kept current of all changes, and our class treasury has remained robust as we move into 25th Reunion preparations. Corey's thorough knowledge and understanding of financial reports, her attention to detail, and her genuine concern for our class’s contributions and activities have made her the ideal classmate to helm our treasury for the past four years.”

In appreciation for all you have done for your class and for Dartmouth College, it is an honor to present you with the award for the 2019 Class Treasurer of the Year.