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Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Class of 1997
2019 Donald C. Smith ’53 Award in Recognition of an Outstanding Mini-Reunion Program –  25 Years Out and Younger

Mini-reunion chairs foster classmate connections by building upon legendary ties between Dartmouth alumni and their alma mater. The mini-reunion program, in turn, encourages alumni to return to campus for major events such as Homecoming and Reunion, as well as to provide critical—and generous—financial support to the many classes following in their footsteps.

It is, therefore, our honor and pleasure to recognize and thank the Class of 1997 for its commitment to mini-reunions as a vehicle for deepening engagement with classmates and the College. Following a year without hosting a single mini-reunion, the Class of 1997 reinvigorated its efforts and enjoyed five successful mini-reunions last year. Most of these mini-reunions were centered around The Call to Lead events and the College’s 250th anniversary. ’97s enjoyed reconnecting with one another while also celebrating milestone moments in Dartmouth’s history. Further, the Class of 1997 created a ‘mini-reunion checklist,’ a tool that was shared with mini-reunion coordinators to streamline the planning and execution of these events, encouraging additional classmate involvement.

Congratulations, Class of 1997, on receiving the 2019 Donald C. Smith ’53 Award for recommitting to the mini-reunion program and for helping to move it forward.