In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Class of 1987
2019 Donald C. Smith ’53 Award in Recognition of an Outstanding Mini-Reunion Program –  26 Years Out and Older

The Class of 1987 shone this year with its creative innovation. You built a virtual mini-reunion around an online book club involving a Dartmouth professor. After introducing your classmates to Zoom, an online meeting platform, you encouraged them to read Professor Donald Pease’s Theodore Geisel: A Portrait of a Man Who Became Dr. Seuss, a book with large appeal. Classmates were able to purchase the book online before gathering with Professor Pease for a lively virtual discussion.

This novel approach to a mini-reunion connects classmates both to each other and to the College, providing enviable access to incredible faculty and, in the process, reminding alumni how lucky current Dartmouth students are to benefit from these resources. You were forward-thinking in your use of web-based meeting technology—a wonderful example for younger classes to model. Not to mention that you hosted a total of 25 mini-reunions this year in 21 cities, six of which were new locations.

Congratulations, Class of 1987, on receiving the 2019 Donald C. Smith ’53 Award for an exceptional mini-reunion program. Your innovative online book club with Professor Pease illustrates the limitless possibilities of what a mini-reunion can look like, and how all classes can be creative in bringing classmates together.