In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Class of 1971
2019 Class of the Year – 26 Years Out and Older

Connected. Members of the Class of 1971 are connected: to students, to the College, and to each other.

The class stays connected through excellent use of its communications channels. Its members produce newsletters that engage classmates with interesting and thought-provoking surveys, build upon Dartmouth Alumni Magazine’s Class Notes column with expanded notes on the class website, and hold frequent executive committee meetings that are open to all.

In 2017, the Class of 1971 launched a class connection with the Class of 2021, which it continued celebrating with activities on campus during the students’ sophomore summer. Classmates contributed time, talent, and treasure to strengthen these connections via a career panel, BBQ, and subsidy for canoe rentals at Ledyard Canoe Club.

Further, the Class of 1971 continues the long tradition of staying connected to the College by supporting students through class projects. This year, it allocated 85 percent of dues revenues to projects supporting student initiatives, including an endowed class scholar.

More than anything else, this class shines in the ways its members connect with each other. The class actively seeks opportunities for classmates to engage—via travel, class activities in conjunction with College-sponsored events on location, and annual birthday celebrations. Fifteen classmates participated in a 12-day Danube River cruise, many of whom had never attended a mini-reunion event. A mini-reunion program on Nantucket, which drew 25 guests, was offered as a counterbalance to five years of mini-reunions on the West Coast. To celebrate classmates turning 70, the class gathered in Naples, Florida for three days of activities, attracting over 54 guests. In further efforts to connect as many classmates as possible, the class hosted annual dinners in Denver, New York City, and San Francisco.

For all its outstanding efforts to connect classmates to students, to the College, and to each other, the Class Officers Association Executive Board is honored to recognize the Class of 1971 as a 2019 Class of the Year.