Class Officers Weekend 2015

Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of


2015 Class of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

Two years ago, the Class of 2008 called us all to attention with their 5th Reunion. With an overall 5th Reunion attendance record that has yet to be beaten, the Class of 2008 signaled to us that they may be some of the newest kids on the block, but they are not to be overlooked.

In the past year they have continued to impress with their tightly knit class, thanks in large part to a well-organized executive committee. Despite the fact that key officers are in Ph.D. programs, some frequently travel abroad, and many are managing the transitions that come with launching a career or family, they worked in perfect concert with each other. Hosting quarterly meetings in person, on Skype, or by phone, the 2008 officer group found that no task was too great to accomplish.

Launching two class projects this year, the Class of 2008 put their time, talent, and funding toward works which directly impact campus life. The class made financial gifts to help support DOC trips and First-Year Orientation, while also supporting the efforts of the Student Health and Wellness Office to manage issues of sexual assault on campus, tying their energies to President Phil Hanlon's Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative.

In addition to focusing on student life, the executive committee made sure to continue to foster the relationships and connections they made as a class. They hosted six mini-reunions, raised almost $7,000 in class dues, donated nearly $50,000 to the Dartmouth College Fund, and three members of their class joined the Bartlett Tower Society and included Dartmouth in their estate plans.

The Class of 2008 is caring, generous, and truly understands what it means to be member of the Dartmouth community, both on campus and beyond. For all this and more, we are honored to present the 2015 Class of the Year Award to the great Class of 2008.