Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College

Recognizes With Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

The Class of 1964
Recipient of the 2012-2013
Donald C. Smith '53 Award
in Recognition of an Outstanding Mini-Reunion Program

The Mini-Reunion Chairs Association is comprised of a group of individuals, selected by their classmates, who have generously volunteered their time and energy. The members represent their classmates spanning seven decades as well as spanning the globe. We all share a tie to the Dartmouth College community and the desire to maintain that bond between our classmates and with Dartmouth. The mini-reunion program is designed to accomplish that -- and much more. It strengthens the legendary Dartmouth alumni community, one that continues to return by the thousands for Homecoming Weekend, makes its voice heard in campus issues, and provides the critical -- and generous -- financial support for the many classes to come, long after we ourselves have left the College.

It is therefore our honor and pleasure to recognize and thank the Class of 1964 for an outstanding mini-reunion program during 2012-2013. We are extremely proud of the depth and breadth of your mini-reunion program. You organized 14 mini-reunions that enriched the lives of Dartmouth alumni and students as far away as California and right here in our beloved Hanover. It seems as though almost every month the class of 1964 was gathering for something. Whether you were congregating in Vail or Mount Sunapee for a ski trip or in San Francisco for a luncheon, your love for the College was clear. Your dedication to your 50-year connection class and Dartmouth undergraduates in general is what made you stand out amongst the rest. You hosted receptions in Boston, DC, and NYC for members of the Class of 2014 who were on internships, and helped them network within their fields of interest. Almost every Dartmouth class gives back to the College via financial support, but you took it a step further and helped to enrich the intellectual lives of students. In early November, members of your class who fought in the Vietnam War came back to campus to give a presentation in Professor Ed Miller's History 26 class, "History of the Vietnam War."

Congratulations on a highly successful year, and we look forward to seeing this strong tradition continue, bringing together Dartmouth classmates and students all across the country.