Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Bill Montgomery '52
2014 Secretary of the Year
25 or More Years Out

As your friend Frank Logan '52 says, you are the glue that has kept the Class of 1952 together all these years.

You've brought your classmates closer to one another through well-kept memories of campus activities, enthusiastic tales of class get-togethers, collective pride in individual successes, and shared sympathy in times of sorrow.

The multitude of names in boldface type that appear in your columns reflects the time and care you take in reaching out to people. Your classmates know what that really means. You chronicle their lives with obvious devotion and affection. You honor those who pass on, ensuring that they will not be forgotten. You welcome class widows and wives to the party. You make a place for everyone.

In your second stint as class secretary, you continue a long history of building community that began when you were an undergraduate sociology major, bringing your interest in social behavior to your work at The Dartmouth and WDCR and to the camaraderie of Phi Delta Alpha. Even as you built a successful career in leasing, joining, and founding top-flight companies across the country, you held tight to Dartmouth. A Dartmouth Alumni Award winner, you served as class president, alumni councilor, reunion chair, mini-reunion organizer, newsletter editor for almost three decades, class necrologist, and class secretary. No wonder your class recently honored you with the words: "In grateful appreciation for your many contributions to Dartmouth and for your outstanding ability to have fostered the warmth and camaraderie of the class of 1952."

As President Philip Hanlon recently remarked, "The loyalty of our alumni is legendary, and you are part of that tale. You know Dartmouth, you care for Dartmouth--and you are Dartmouth."

Bill Montgomery, we echo that sentiment and thank you for the wit and wisdom you share through the outstanding columns you deliver to your class, the College and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.