Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Noon-1 PM ET

Participants: John "J.B." Daukas (president), Gersh Abraham, Martha Beattie, Belinda Chiu, Jeff Crowe, Karen Francis-DeGolia, Mark Harty, Gary Love, Kate Strayer-Benton, Lynne Gaudet (secretary)

John "J.B." Daukas opened the call.

1. Approval of March 22, 2013 minutes

The committee approved the Association of Alumni minutes of the March 22, 2013 conference call.

2. 2013-2014 AOA Timeline

Lynne Gaudet presented the 2013-2014 AoA timeline pertaining to the 2014 AoA election. There won't be a trustee election this year.

The committee discussed the deadlines for constitutional amendments and agreed to continue that conversation during the next conference call. They approved the proposed 2013-2014 AoA timeline except for the petition deadlines (to be determined during the next conference call). Lynne Gaudet will revise the timeline to note that the election will not include a trustee nomination this year, but only the slate of the association of Alumni and any constitutional amendments being considered.

3. Formation of Nominating and Ballot Committees

JB Daukas reminded the Executive committee that it would have to form a Nominating Committee and a Ballot Committee for the 2014 elections. JB invited the committee members to let him and Lynne know if they were interested in serving on either of these committees.

4. Proposal of Association of Alumni Constitutional Amendment

JB led the discussion about the proposed amendments to the AoA constitution and the text he had drafted for this. The amendments would address uncontested elections, the subject of electronic and paper ballot options, and the updates of a graduate school name. The committee discussed the messaging and communications strategy pertaining to any proposed constitutional amendments. JB said he will share the proposed text with Bob Donin, General Counsel before the next conference call.

The conference call concluded.

Submitted by,
Olivier Gilloux
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Leadership