Association of Alumni
2012 Annual Meeting
April 14, 2012
Room 28, Silsby Hall, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH

President John (J.B.) Daukas '84 opened the meeting. He introduced the current Executive Committee members who were in attendance who were secretary-treasurer, Lynne Hamel Gaudet '81, and executive committee members, Jeff Crowe '78 and Kate Strayer-Benton '05 '11Tu.

  1. The first item on the agenda was the secretary's minutes. Lynne Gaudet said that the minutes of last year's Association of Alumni annual meeting were approved shortly after that meeting and are posted on the Association of Alumni website. In addition, the minutes of the first six conference calls held by the Association of Alumni Executive Committee following that annual meeting were approved and are also posted on that same website. The most recent conference call, held by the Executive Committee on March 27, 2012, will be posted once they are approved by the Executive Committee.
  2. The second item on the agenda were brief remarks from the president
  3. The next agenda item was the appointment by the president of the regular committees. This will be done by the 2012-2013 executive committee.
  4. The next agenda item was the treasurer's report and any matter of business from the executive committee. Lynne Gaudet reported that there was no money taken in by the Association and no money was spent. The College budgeted $80,000 for the cost of the election and the annual meeting. The final election bills have not been submitted to date.
  5. The next agenda item was communications, if any, from the president or the board of trustees of the College. There were none.
  6. The next agenda item was the lection of honorary members. There were none.
  7. The net agenda item was the report of the committee on nominations and report of special committees. There were none.
  8. The next agenda item was miscellaneous business. John Daukas asked if there were any alumni who wanted to make comments. There were none.
  9. John Daukas then reported the results of the elections for the Association of Alumni and the three alumni-nominated trustee vacancies. He said that the total number of votes cast in the election were 9,401which was approximately 14% of alumni. In the trustee election, Alumni Council nominee Nathaniel C. Fick '99, who ran for Vacancy 1, received 7,915 votes. Alumni Council nominee Richard H. Kimball '78, who ran for Vacancy 2, received 7,571 votes. Benjamin F. Wilson '73, who ran for Vacancy 3, received 7,761 votes. On Friday, April 13, the Board of Trustees voted to elect Nathaniel Fick, Richard Kimball, and Benjamin Wilson to the Board. Seventy-three percent of the votes were cast electronically. Twenty-seven percent of the votes were cast by paper ballot.
  10. John Daukas reported that the following alumni were elected to the Association of Alumni Executive Committee. Their votes totals are in parenthesis.

Executive Committee Officers

President: John "J.B." Daukas '84 (8,434)
First Vice President: Gary L. Love '76 (8,440)
Second Vice President: Peter A. Bleyler '61 (8,347)
Secretary-Treasurer: Martha J. Beattie '76 (8,552)

Executive Committee Members

Gersh Abraham '58, '59 Th (8,303)
Mark Alperin '80 (8,361)
Belinda H.Y. Chiu '98 (8,362)
Jeff Crowe '78 (8,387)
Ann Fritz Hackett '76 (8,413)
Kiyoe Hashimoto '95 (8,365)
Kate Strayer-Benton '05, '11 Tu (8,359)

John Daukas adjourned the meeting.