Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles

After setting ambitious goals last fall, the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles (DCLA) was successful in meeting or surpassing them—taking the organization’s impact to the highest level yet!

The club brings together the alumni, parent, and student communities in Greater Los Angeles through an ever-widening array of programs. A standout example is the Entrepreneurs on Display event, held for the second time last winter. Inspired by the Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum in the Bay Area, volunteers took it upon themselves to organize a version for Southern California—and did so in a distinctly LA and DCLA way. Hosted alongside partners Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Network and Women of Dartmouth, as well as a broad group of volunteers, the event highlights unique businesses and start-ups, brings together the Dartmouth entrepreneur community, and continues to grow each year.

Truly an exemplar of collaboration, it is hard to find another Dartmouth organization (or acronym!) with which DCLA has not partnered. The group has teamed up with DAEMA, DALA, DUSA, DEN, Women of Dartmouth, and many other regional and affiliated alumni groups for new events as well as annual staples, such as a tremendously popular and impactful Day of Service project supporting local veterans. DCLA also models collaboration on its board, finding liaisons to different groups and building a diverse leadership team in a way that is a model for other Dartmouth organizations.

The stellar team of DEDs and interviewers continues to excel and complete interviews at a disproportionally high rate, while also making a difference in the lives of students once they are accepted. With the successful “Coats from the Coast” program, alumni contribute to help students on financial aid coming to Hanover for the first-time purchase winter gear. Each year support for this program grows, and leaders from DCLA have helped other Dartmouth organizations to build their own homegrown versions.

In recognition of the club’s contribution to and leadership of the Dartmouth alumni community, the Communities Executive Council (CEC) is honored to recognize the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles as the 2019 Metro Club of the Year.