Dartmouth Club of the Pioneer Valley

A past honoree, the Dartmouth Club of the Pioneer Valley (DCPV) proves that dedicated and engaged volunteers can take a strong organization’s work to new heights.

The club has focused on maintaining a dedicated leadership team and lightening volunteer workload while continuing to organize dynamic and engaging events. One of its goals was to host more informal gatherings, making it easier for volunteers as well as club members to participate. As the club leaders put it at the beginning of the year, their goal was to emphasize the “fun” this year and ensure that each activity would be enjoyable for anyone who attended or helped with planning.

DCPV continued to bring about interesting and challenging programs. It hosted a rebranded 250th-anniversary edition of its annual spring dinner, featuring a discussion with Professor Charlie Wheelan on “Thinking about Democracy: What’s Gone Wrong and How Can We Fix It?” The club also sought partnerships with other Dartmouth organizations. A successful collaboration with the Dartmouth Club of Hartford and the Class of 1981 last winter resulted in a record-setting mini-reunion, with more than 70 alumni and guests attending Feeding the Dragon by playwright Sharon Washington ’81. Never shy of new ideas and always seeking to engage the community, partner with other Dartmouth groups, and have fun, the club is already planning ways to build on these successes!

For collaborating across organizations and bringing both fun and excellence to alumni engagement efforts, the Communities Executive Council (CEC) is honored to recognize the Dartmouth Club of the Pioneer Valley as the 2019 Medium Club of the Year.