Dartmouth Association of the Rocky Mountains

The Dartmouth Association of the Rocky Mountains (DARM) is Dartmouth’s Large Club of the Year. The Club aims to connect alumni living in the Rockies and build the Big Green community in Denver, Boulder, and across the state.

This year, the club organized more than 30 activities highlighting the educational, social, and service-centered interests of its diverse constituency. Beyond anchor events including a holiday party and summer picnic, DARM hosted a panel discussion about water conservation in the context of climate change in Colorado. The well-attended event featured a short film, a panel showcasing the intellectual and professional expertise of Dartmouth alumni, a Q&A session, and a networking reception.

However, the number of events alone does not capture the extent of the club’s work. DARM offers different entry points for new audiences, engaging Dartmouth alumni, family, and friends. The group has a thriving book club that meets monthly, and has appointed volunteers to focus outreach and plan activities for alumnae, entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and more. DARM has also sustained robust interview efforts and continued to expand outreach and recruiting. Its board has chosen to devote 10 percent of annual membership profits to scholarship support for students.

For its engagement of the Dartmouth community in the Rocky Mountains and robust leadership, varied programs, and continued support for students, the Communities Executive Council (CEC) is honored to recognize the Dartmouth Association of the Rocky Mountains as the Large Club of the Year.