The Dartmouth Club of the Gulf Coast

The Small Club of the Year is the Dartmouth Club of the Gulf Coast. Serving Greater New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mississippi, the Gulf Coast Club is dedicated to strengthening Dartmouth alumni communities and meaningfully engaging Dartmouth students from the region.

This year the Club hosted numerous annual events and expanded its range of activities to leverage connections with Dartmouth; for example, through visits by the Glee Club and men’s tennis team. The Club successfully partnered with the local Brown Club to organize a Brown-Dartmouth football watch party. The Club has also worked to identify and add new leaders and work with young alumni chairs to strengthen program offering and develop new volunteer leaders to share the work.

Growing from its work with the Admissions Ambassador Program, the Club has continued to build strong connections with current undergraduate students. These ties begin when they are interviewed in Louisiana or Mississippi and extend to their departure for Hanover and beyond. Club officers take the Louisiana and Mississippi students on campus to dinner at least once a year. The Club also sponsors a crawfish boil for students during Green Key weekend. Students from Louisiana and Mississippi are able to invite their friends on campus to experience traditional boiled crawfish, shipped from home. Finally, the Club coordinates with students and graduates to help with internships and job searches. The students report that they enjoy the interaction with alums, and the Club members are further engaged by their connection with students. It is a small club, but there are those who love it!

In recognition of the Club’s commitment to students and alumni from the Gulf Community, we are proud to present the Small Club of the Year Award to the Dartmouth Club of the Gulf Coast.