The Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles

The Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles (DCLA) is this year’s Metro Club of the Year due to the breadth and depth of the organization’s leadership, the variety and number of activities that it hosts, and its efforts at sustaining a vibrant, engaged alumni community in Southern California. 

The Club organized more than 60 events in the past year, including its successful behind-the-scenes VIP experience with the Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff ’99 T’06. Balancing larger, headliner events with smaller gatherings such as young alumni happy hours and public service events, the Club met the varied interests of Dartmouth alumni, families, and friends. This year DCLA continued its focus on community service, holding six service events including a successful partnership with DUSA that brought alumni to the West LA VA Medical Center. The Club also reached its goal of fully funding the Coats from the Coast program. This is a truly unique and impactful program which countless students from Southern California laud and which some clubs and groups are working to replicate elsewhere.

DCLA has very intentionally built an inclusive board by incorporating representatives of other Dartmouth alumni organizations, which has expanded its ranks and also led to more collaborative and cross-promoted events. Alumni leaders in the greater Los Angeles area have consistently devoted time and effort to developing fellow volunteers and consequently strengthening the leadership of the overall club, with laudable results.

Never complacent, the Club continues to set strong goals for itself in terms of attracting additional volunteers, working collaboratively with other Dartmouth alumni groups and other partners, and expanding not only its activities but also its membership base to support those activities.

In recognition of the Club’s contribution to and leadership of the Dartmouth alumni community, we are proud to present the Metro Club of the Year Award to the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles.