The Dartmouth Club of Philadelphia

The Dartmouth Club of Philadelphia has excelled this past year in building a well-managed and active alumni board and greatly expanding the number of events it has held for Philadelphia-area alumni, parents, and friends.

On the volunteer side, the group doubled its board size and transitioned key roles. The Club leaders developed an event planning process (and carefully documented it to include responsibilities and time breakdowns) to better share event planning and execution responsibilities. Further, they centralized the Club’s systems for event registration, collecting and managing membership dues, and sending communications via the Club’s website to cut down on duplicate work for volunteers and professionalize their messaging.

As a result of these efforts, the group also doubled the number of events planned and hosted to 20 (and continued a strong showing with 15 events organized in the fall of 2017!). Their average attendance increased by roughly 50 percent, with an average of 30 people per event across all event types.

One focus of the Club has been establishing family friendly events and balancing them with programming for young alumni and recent graduates. Notably, the Club organized a family-friendly Octoberfest event with pumpkin-carving and a barbecue which welcomed more than fifty members of the Dartmouth community.

Over the past several years, the Club has built the extensive programming base and strong, engaged volunteer corps of a truly metropolitan organization. Now the Club is focused on succession planning and continuing to broaden its leadership and offerings for the new year.

In recognition of the Club’s efforts, we are proud to present the Large Club of the Year Award to the Dartmouth Club of Philadelphia.