Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni

Since its founding in 2013, Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni (DUSA) has been dedicated to building strong connections between members of the Dartmouth veteran community, including alumni, students, and supporters. This was truly a record-setting year for the group, thanks in no small part to exceptional leadership and planning.

DUSA increased its dues-paying membership by 27% this year, and increased donations by almost 300%, allowing for increased support of students in Hanover. In addition, the organization exceeded its goals by holding 43 events (27 of which were off campus). The events included seven public service outings organized in coordination with local clubs, including the now-annual service opportunity with the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles at the West LA VA Medical Center. Besides in-person events, DUSA honed an effective communications strategy based on regular messages focused on events and member stories, as well as personal, responsive follow-up. They also regularly surveyed to learn more about the alumni veterans they serve and further engage them. In particular, the organization is proud of building a career network to better support alumni and student veterans — as of now, nearly half of DUSA members have volunteered to be a part of the network! DUSA’s dedication to both undergraduate and graduate students is undeniable. The organization has engaged student veterans before and after their arrival on campus and continually advocated for greater student support, most recently in providing funds for student internship opportunities. 

The group has personified collaboration in working with other alumni clubs and groups around the country through events like its annual Veterans Banquet in Boston, and has built lasting partnerships that set the group up for many successful years to come. 

In recognition of the group’s incredible successes this year and the extraordinary leadership of Winnie Huang ’92, Dartmouth Alumni Relations is proud to present the Group of the Year Award to Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni.