Dartmouth CAGOW
2015 Award Small Club of the Year: Dartmouth Club of Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii! According to novelist Paul Theroux, "Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace." The Dartmouth Club of Hawaii has definitely graced us with its small yet determined group of volunteers. Led by Howard Hodel '75, the Dartmouth Club of Hawaii had a record number of events and participants this year, nearly triple the average of other similar-sized clubs.

While the club is spread across numerous islands, all of its events were well attended in 2015. Participation spanned across a wide number of classes, as well as parents and current students. The club's stellar programming included hosting the Dartmouth men and women's swim teams and touring the Manoa Heritage Center where they learned about native culture. The club also hosted a private barge tour of Pearl Harbor, a particularly special experience for all.

The leadership of the club has honed in on the value of partnerships this year. Its growing board has two affiliated and shared interest group representatives, and it co-sponsored events with the Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth and the Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association. Its strategic plan for 2016 includes increasing participation, offering more assistance in recruiting, and holding more joint sponsorship programs with affiliated and shared interest groups.

Unique to the Club of Hawaii is its wine making tradition. Every two years, the members gather to make and bottle their own wine, which is served at all club dinners. And so we say "cheers" to the incredible achievements of the Dartmouth Club of Hawaii!