Dartmouth CAGOW2015 Award Medium Club of the Year: Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley

Emily Dickinson once said, "I dwell in possibility." Truer words could not be spoken of the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley. Focused and organized, the club leaders never lose sight of what they can achieve. At the first meeting of each fiscal year, President Ellen Brout Lindsey '81 leads her executive committee in developing an annual calendar of events. At the same time, they determine who will be the lead alumni volunteer for each event. And so its year begins.

In 2015, the club held numerous events that provided opportunities for alumni to engage with the local Dartmouth community. Alumni toured the Emily Dickinson museum, golfed, skied, hiked, and went to a movie screening of "A Passion for Snow" as a reminder of their glorious days at Dartmouth. Their events took them to Holyoke, Amherst, and Skinner Mountain in Hadley. All the events contributed to great camaraderie.

The Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service opened a world of possibility for the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley. The club partnered with "Opportunities for Communities," a nonprofit organization in Amherst founded by Dartmouth alumnus Ken Mundt '81, which works to educate children in Haiti. Members hope to build this relationship and send a group of volunteers to help their school in Haiti.

The world is full of possibility for this club. As Pioneer Valley club leaders ask their volunteer chairs to take a bow at the end of their events, so we ask you, the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley, to take a much deserved bow!