CAGOW 20152014 Large Club of the Year: Dartmouth Club of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is often referred to as "The City of Brotherly Love" which is derived from the literal meaning of the city's name in Greek. A variation on that theme, though the Greek translation probably doesn't exist, could be "the City of Dartmouth Fellowship." Led very ably by President Matt Wakeman '98, the club's Board of Directors works hard to promote comradery through a wide variety of intellectual, athletic, and social events. The formula appears to be working as nearly 600 individuals participated in 15 events in 2014.

A primary focus of the club this past year was to attract younger alumni. They accomplished this through several unique activities such as the YADA Pedal Tour, a bar crawl through the city via a giant 12-person bicycle. (There's no mention in the report of how well the bike was steered at the end of the evening!) Another innovative event was a happy hour at a pop-up beer garden in the center of the city.

The club was creative with many of its other events as well, attracting alumni of all classes. Families enjoyed a hay ride and apple picking, runners went on a 5K tour of the historic Italian Market, and all were invited to tailgates at the Penn-Dartmouth football game and a Phillies baseball game which included fireworks. Music lovers enjoyed an evening with the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. Like many clubs, Philadelphia promotes its activities through print and electronic newsletters as well as on Facebook and online.

Matt and his dedicated executive committee have worked hard to take full advantage of the many unique aspects of the incredible city they call home. In doing so, they have created a welcoming and warm environment for the Big Green Philly family.