CAGOW 20152014 Group Officer of the Year: S. Caroline Kerr '05

The Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs Leader of the Year Award

The College is stronger for the involvement of alumni; this is particularly true of this year's recipient of the Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs Leader of the Year Award. Caroline Kerr '05 is the epitome of an alumna leader and daughter of Dartmouth. She cares deeply about the College and does her utmost to support it, while graciously challenging Dartmouth to be at its best.

Currently serving her second term as president of the Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alumni/ae Association (DGALA), Caroline is a steadfast, conscientious, and grounded leader. During her four years in this role, she has enhanced and evolved DGALA in countless ways, and recognizes the importance of identifying allies and building bridges among Dartmouth communities.

As a leader, her focus is always on the College and DGALA, rather than herself. This approach allowed her to establish a strong and vibrant board of directors and a thoughtful board structure. As committed advocates for the LGBT community, Caroline and the DGALA board play an important unifying role in fostering alumni members' reengagement with Dartmouth through meaningful communications and programming.

Caroline's commitment to the College extends far beyond her work with DGALA. In the past year, she served on the Alumni Council Nominating Committee, co-chaired the Alumni Council's Ad-Hoc Committee on Diversity & Inclusion, chaired the Alumni Council's Young Alumni Committee, served on the Communities Executive Council, and co-chaired the Triangle House Committee.

Caroline led DGALA's impressive partnership with the College and the Dartmouth College Fund to raise $500,000 from the LGBT community and alumni allies to support the new Triangle House living-learning community. She and her board put forth tireless and heartfelt efforts to make the house a reality.

Like her work with the Triangle House, which has propelled the Dartmouth LGBT community forward, Caroline has left a lasting imprint on DGALA.