CAGOW 2015Dartmouth Club President of the Year 2014: Dimitri Gerakaris '69

When Dimitri's name is mentioned, the word that immediately comes to the minds of those who know him is "exuberant." Many other adjectives and superlatives quickly follow, such as enthusiastic, dedicated, fair, creative, passionate and thorough. However, the energy and pure joy of life which exudes from him, especially when Dartmouth is involved, is palpable and infectious. All of these attributes have contributed to the renewed energy and growth of the Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley (DCUV) which Dimitri has led as president since 2013.

A sculptor by trade and at heart, Dimitri likes to get his hands dirty. He is the first to volunteer and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the club goals. Whether that be introducing the President of the College to hundreds, or moving tables after an event, Dimitri does it all with a smile on his face and a sense of pride. He'll probably also be sporting a trademark bowtie.

As president, Dimitri leads a rural club which is so populous that it is classified as a "metro" club. In addition, because the geographic region of the club encompasses the College itself and the age demographic scans almost eight decades, the DCUV enjoys many advantages as well as facing unique challenges. Under Dimitri's leadership, the club not only enhanced its traditional monthly receptions and annual events, but expanded the offerings in scope and timing which in turn positively impacted the dues-paying membership, especially in the young alumni age bracket. As Dimitri commented in the 2014 annual report, "We were open to change for the better and so we changed for the better."

William Blake wrote, "Exuberance is beauty." If that's true, then Dimitri is exquisite.