Cow Awards 2013
Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Ivar Jozus '61
2013 Treasurer of the Year
26 or More Years Out

Ivar, for the last 23 years you have been the stalwart treasurer of the Great Class of 1961. According to the Dartmouth staff you are a steady presence, doing a great job by the book and always in a timely fashion, all while maintaining a quiet and unassuming manner.

Your classmates are universal in their acclaim. According to current class president Denny Denniston, "Ivar has really done an outstanding job. He consistently plans our finances, he communicates clearly, he files his reports on time and he raises issues that need to be raised by class officers. He's really reliable and also prompt in doing whatever he needs to do." Previous class president Roger McArt notes that "when we get overzealous about what we can spend and support, he is the voice of reason. He's done that for years and has kept us in wonderful financial shape."

Your service to your class has been exemplary. Along with your tenure since 1990 as class treasurer (the second longest-serving treasurer of all our classes), you have been class agent, mini-reunion chair and the class treasurers representative to the Alumni Council. An English major while at Dartmouth, you played ice hockey and belonged to Green Key and Panarchy. Today, a resident of Connecticut, you are a partner at Jozus, Millard & Thomasson. Married to Carol, you have three daughters, and you continued the Dartmouth tradition by sending two of them to Dartmouth. By all accounts you remain an incredibly loyal classmate, attending virtually all class activities, including the occasional ski trips. Roger McArt, a former freshman hockey player whose team you managed, tells of your participation in all of the various reunions of the freshman hockey team. That is commitment!

Now it is our turn to thank you for all that you do. As fellow Executive Committee member (and your predecessor) Vic Ridge stated, "Ivar has done a very competent job--our books are always balanced, we don't overspend and he always has the information available--he's a pretty straight guy."

In appreciation for all you have done for the Class Treasurers Association and for Dartmouth, it is an honor to present you with the 2013 Class Treasurer of the Year Award.