2013 Medium Club of the Year:

Dartmouth Club of Northeast Ohio

According to Dr. Seuss, "fun is good" and "adults are obsolete children." The Dartmouth Club of Northeast Ohio has taken those beliefs to heart and created an atmosphere of fellowship and youthfulness. By exploring unique venues and opportunities, President Mark Heller `70 and his incredibly dedicated Board of Directors, have augmented their "triumvirate of three annual events" with a myriad of interesting and different activities. How many clubs can boast hosting an event at a local hot dog epicurean house featuring a band? Attracting alumni of all ages, these gatherings ran the gamut from presentations by Dartmouth Hillel Rabbi Edward Boraz and Buddy Teevens `79, to hikes along the "Emerald Necklace" and bi-monthly "eastside" luncheons. Young alumni were particularly attracted to activities held in conjunction with a consortium of other Ivy League schools and institutions called the "Ivy 15." Overall, the club held a diverse program of 10 events resulting in 320 alumni participants.

The fact that the club has one of the highest percentages of dues payers, 19%, is a testament to the sense of inclusivity and community which the club promotes. Board meetings are open to everyone so they can see what the Board does, voice opinions and have input without any obligation. It's affectionately called a "Board Lite" position. This practice has already added six new Board participants. In addition, each year the Club shows their appreciation of their volunteers by honoring a member who has contributed and participated tirelessly during the year with a special award.

2013 was also a banner year for the Club's fundraising efforts as a special Scholarship Fund Challenge Grant by a local member of the Class of 1963, in connection with his 50th Reunion, resulted in an additional $50,250 for the Club's Scholarship Fund.

The Club leadership believes continuity, transition and succession planning are the keys to facing future challenges with the new young alumni leaders--the Club's most important tools. The Dartmouth Club of Northeast Ohio is certainly heading in the right direction while having a lot of fun at the same time. Dr. Seuss would definitely approve!

Please join me in congratulating the 2013 Medium Club of the Year, the Dartmouth Club of Northeast Ohio.