2013 Group Officer of the Year:

The Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs Leader of the Year Award
Nathan Bruschi `10

Initiative. That is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Nathan Bruschi, the president of the newly formed Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni (DUSA) Shared Interest group. As a recent graduate entering the military, he identified an opportunity to create a pathway to the College for alumni service members. Over the next two years he worked tirelessly and with enthusiasm to found the group, often while stationed halfway across the globe and on a naval ship no less!

Nathan continues to ask the right questions, as he and his executive board work to establish the new group, making connections in Hanover and beyond. As a Navy man, he recognizes an important opportunity to act "not for self, but for country." In establishing DUSA, Nathan demonstrated ambition, enterprise, dedication and perseverance. Like a leader beyond his years, he seeks suggestions and feedback from his board, group members, and College staff, asking insightful questions of those around him. Under his leadership, DUSA has established important annual events. Last June, he and local board members held a reception for graduating service members and ROTC participants, at which graduates were awarded cords to honor their past or future service.

Nathan continues to be tireless in his efforts to strengthen the group; doing whatever needs to be done, regardless of formal position. For Nathan, these efforts are, in fact, larger than simply DUSA as a group. The work is about reaching and supporting service members of the Dartmouth family and hopefully growing the number of veterans who come to Dartmouth. This is also true of his equally committed executive board. Nathan demonstrated wisdom in recruiting a strong group of leaders, particularly those who could visit Blunt Alumni Center as needed during DUSA's inception. His enthusiasm, creativity and technical savviness have produced an assortment of tools to reach alumni throughout the world including an introductory film he made while stationed near Japan. He and his fellow officers worked diligently on a comprehensive website providing information and opportunities for alumni to connect with one another and the College.

When it comes to Nathan, the Navy's unofficial motto could be amended to state "not for self, but for country and College." We look forward to seeing DUSA's continued growth in strength, vision and numbers and all that the group will do under his leadership. For his extraordinary work which has resulted in the creation of Dartmouth's newest shared interest group, we are proud to present the 2013 Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs Leader of the Year Award to Nathan Bruschi `10, president of the Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni.