Class Awards 2013
Dartmouth College

Recognizes With Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Class of 1955
2013 Class of the Year
26 or More Years Out

A 55-gun salute to the Dartmouth Class of 1955! Class President Jack Doyle '55, your Executive Committee, and your class advisory committee worked together to create an array of offerings that reach across the years and across the miles for a class connected to the College and to each other. Dartmouth Alumni Relations and the Class Officers Executive Committee recognize your outstanding achievements and teamwork by naming you Class of the Year for 2012-13.

Led by the thoughtful, thorough, and tireless president Jack Doyle and vice president Dick Blodgett '55, the '55 Executive Committee met regularly both in person and by phone. Laughs, catching up, and planning great things for '55s were always on the agenda, with Jack keeping all on track and with an action plan of next steps always clear.

During the past year, the '55 leadership team surveyed the class -- and the responses led to a clear course of action. The team responded: Communicate, gather, give to the College, and support each other!

And communicate you did! Newsletter editor Joe Mathewson '55 published 10 engaging, well-written newsletters in 2012-13 that shared news of the class, its activities, the College, and the individuals who are proud to be '55s. Secretary Ken Lundstrom '55 made every column in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine a who's who of '55s, with more than 60 different classmates mentioned during the year. Webmaster John French '55 got the word out via class emails and maintained a vibrant website. No matter their location -- near or far -- '55s knew what was going on!

Class treasurer Ralph Sautter '55 and Head Agent Woody Goss '55 walked side by side in their fundraising for class dues and the Dartmouth College Fund. How did they achieve those matching 58-percent participation rates? Generous and responsive classmates responding to a great program and two great volunteers! Stan Bergman '55 did his part in making the opportunities of Bartlett Tower Society membership known to all.

Class generosity and vision led to '55 projects that reflect how much the class cares about Dartmouth in so many ways, with more than $12,250 given last year to a memorial book program, athletic sponsorships, Hood Museum of Art purchase grants, a John Sloan Dickey Class of 1955 scholarship, the Class of 1955 Jim and Susan Wright Scholarship Fund, a Tucker Center endowment, interest in Dartmouth ROTC, as well as support of DCARE.

Class of '55s want to see each other! Five mini-reunions -- including multiday gatherings in Big Fork, MT, and Woodstock, VT -- brought the class together for fun and connections.

A group of octogenarians such as the '55s know better than most that the support of friends is critical in life. Betty Brady, '55 widows chair, extended a warm welcome to spouses at the minis and all '55 events. A '55 healthcare task force was established in response to the survey to find the proper balance between support of classmates and privacy with health issues. And the class recognized four classmates this year through its class awards program. Established in 1987, this award sees '55s honoring fellow '55s for their contributions to the College, the class, their communities, and their professional fields.

And now, the Class of '55 is honored en masse as Class of the Year! The hard work of the Executive Committee and the positive response of classmates show that you have the mix more than right! Bravo and best wishes for the coming years!