Dartmouth Alumni Awards
E. Kristina Brock '01, '02Th: Dartmouth Alumni Award Recipient, 2013-14
Kenneth Johansen '60, 62Th

E. Kristina Brock '01, '02Th, right, receives the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award from Mark C. Davis '81, '84Tu, Alumni Council president, during the Alumni Awards Gala Dinner on October 25, 2013.

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You knew Dartmouth was the right college for you when you arrived for accepted students' weekend and were so warmly welcomed by students proudly sporting their Dartmouth gear. An aspiring engineer, you sought to study the liberal arts and languages as well.

Leaving Lee, Massachusetts, for the Hanover Plain, you plunged into a busy schedule that included playing women's soccer and joining Alpha Xi Delta, the Environmental Conservation Organization, and intramural hockey. The Women in Science Project (WISP) provided key mentors your freshman year. As a member of the World Affairs Council, you assisted in bringing speakers to campus and experienced the thrill of dining with international politicians. Taking advantage of Dartmouth's liberal arts curriculum, you enjoyed such classes as "The Geography of Mystery Novels" and "The Literature of Jazz." This broad educational foundation has stayed with you.

Most students are challenged simply by managing a rigorous engineering course load modified with economics. Yet your love for languages caused you to add a language study abroad in Germany to your D-plan. During your fifth year at the Thayer School, you participated in an exchange program based in Stockholm, where you reconnected with your mother's Swedish heritage.

After earning a bachelor's of engineering from Thayer in 2002, you went on to study at the University of Washington, graduating with an MSEE in power engineering in 2004. You became an analyst in the high-tech management consulting firm Accenture. Your professional path led to the energy field, where you served as manager of utility program operations at EnerNOC, then as manager of product marketing at Primus Power. Now, as director of product management at Sunverge Energy in San Francisco, you oversee product development and design.

Your resume as a young alumna volunteer is as impressive as your professional one. You are currently serving for the second year as the president of the Dartmouth Club of Greater San Francisco and have served as the vice president of the Dartmouth Club of Western Washington and as a member of the executive committee of the Dartmouth Society of Engineers. You served on the reunion committees for your 5th and 10th reunions. As an alumni councilor, you participated on the Academic Affairs Committee, the Young Alumni Committee, and the Honorary Degrees Committee. You appreciated the opportunity to represent your Thayer School constituents, a diverse group from all walks of life.

In your role as a Dartmouth alumni interviewer, you reassure prospective students that Dartmouth "has your back." A pivotal moment came for you when, during freshman fall, you were struggling with a physics course. A note appeared in your Hinman Box that said, "We're here to help"--a gesture that for you epitomizes Dartmouth's commitment to undergraduates. You feel you owe much to Dartmouth, and you strive to support the College through service in hopes that other students may have a similar experience. In addition to your work and Dartmouth activities, you mentor undergraduate engineering students online and via Skype through Mentor Net. You are also affiliated with the Association of Energy Engineers.

Dartmouth was adored by your family as well. Your parents were always curious to hear what was going on at "Camp Dartmouth," and would pop up to visit, creating lasting fond memories. Hours spent doing problem sets in Thayer's Great Hall highlighted for you the collaborative nature of a Dartmouth education, and also provided an excellent opportunity to make the acquaintance of your future husband, Sean Stauth '01, '02Th. You and Sean, himself an avid Dartmouth enthusiast, have attended many Dartmouth events together. You two greeted your darling daughter Linnea this past spring.

Stina, you are opening doors with your work in the energy field, and for Dartmouth alumni and young engineering students with your warmth, enthusiasm, and competence. In deep appreciation, the College honors you with the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Mark Davis '81, '84Tu
President, Dartmouth Alumni Council

October 25, 2013