Jim Adler '60 '61Tu: Dartmouth Alumni Award Recipient, 2008-09


Jim Adler '60, '61Tu (center) received the Dartmouth Alumni Award at a class mini-reunion, October 2008.

How was Dartmouth College fortunate enough to attract this young man from Ohio? A trip east making college visits coincidentally landed you, Jim Adler '60, '61Tu, in Hanover on Dartmouth Night during Homecoming Weekend. The deal was sealed as far as you were concerned. A few weeks later, you wrote in your college application essay, "At Dartmouth during my recent tour of New England colleges, I found a group of people held together by one tremendous tie - Dartmouth College. The spirit and sense of pride I found at Dartmouth moved me very much."

At Dartmouth you participated in the Tuck 3/2 program and your very affable personality led you to serve as social chairman of your fraternity, Kappa Sigma, where you continue to volunteer as an alumni advisor today.Upon graduation you fulfilled your service duty in the US Army before launching an extraordinary career in the world of advertising. Rising through the account management ranks of Compton Advertising, which was later sold to Saatchi & Saatchi, you eventually retired as president and COO of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Affiliates.Along the way you managed their office in Puerto Rico before becoming president of international operations causing you to travel the world.

Retirement for you is not a life of leisure.You are a man of compassion with a sincere social conscious and you quickly focused your many talents on those less fortunate than you.In your hometown of Stamford, CT, you reorganized and energized St. Luke's Community Service, the largest social services organization in Fairfield County. In 1996 you relocated to the Upper Valley where you are chair of the Board for the Windsor County, Vermont Restorative Justice Board; student and alumni volunteer coordinator for the Upper Valley Winter Special Olympics; and a fundraiser for the Special Needs Support Center.

Of course, all who know you understand that you bleed green.You recently commented that "To be truly happy, people must commit themselves emotionally and intellectually to something they truly believe in.For me, it is Dartmouth.Schools have the capacity to really impact the world we live in.Just look at the types of citizens Dartmouth produces."Based on these beliefs, you have dedicated countless hours on behalf of your alma mater. The class is the foundation of your volunteerism and you have served as newsletter editor, vice president and president (receiving the class president of the year award in 1997).In addition you created the "Class Birthday Party" and helped organize monthly luncheons in the Upper Valley for members of the Class of 1960.A class agent for over thirty years, you were also a member of the "Magnificent 8" team, leading the class to a Dartmouth College Fund participation rate of 83.9% last year.With the 50th reunion on the horizon, you and Barry MacLean currently co-chair the 50th reunion giving committee.In addition, you have led the local Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley as vice president and president, served as vice president and chair of corporate friends for the Friends of Hopkins Center and the Hood Museum of Art and been a member of the Association of Alumni Executive Committee, Alumni Council, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine Editorial Board, and Alumni Governance Task Force.You were also a founding member, with fellow alumni, of "Dartmouth Undying".

Of course, this could never have been possible without the support of your best friend and wife of forty-four years, Brooke.You and Brooke are the very proud parents of your two sons, Josh '89 and Ted.

Basically, your license plate sums it up, GRNEAGL. "Adler" is the German word for eagle and we all know what the green stands for! In recognition of your extraordinary dedication to your community, your alma mater, and your family we are honored this evening to present you with the Dartmouth Alumni Award.

John Daukas '84
Dartmouth Alumni Council
October 18, 2008