Julie Cillo '92: Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Award Recipient, 2007-08


Julie Cillo '92 receives the Dartmouth Young
Alumni Distinguished Service Award from
Rick Silverman 81, president, Dartmouth Alumni
Council, duriing the 196th Alumni Council,
May 18, 2008.

Julie Amstein Cillo '92, a New Hampshire native, made her decision to attend Dartmouth when she was in fourth grade, sitting on the Green, having lunch with her schoolmates during a class field trip. Surely the idyllic academic setting enchanted the young scholar, and maybe the Baker bells rang just then, to add their persuasive note.

Could it be that the young Julie also heard the voice of her inner alum?

Since high school, when she received the Dartmouth Book Award from the Dartmouth Club of Southwest New Hampshire, Julie has lived life with one foot in the alumni world. As a member of the Class of 1992, even as she pursued her government major; earned academic citations in music and the visual arts; played trumpet for the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble, Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, and the Big Green Marching Band; served on the Student Government Steering Committee; and participated in many other student organizations, Julie's alumni service was getting underway. Not only was she the student liaison for the southwest New Hampshire club, but she also worked as an intern in the Office of Alumni Relations.

Adulthood has brought Julie a successful legal career

she's now a partner at Hall and Hall, PLC, focusing on domestic relations--and a full family life with her husband, Jason Cillo, a fellow '92 classmate, and their daughter, Hanna. In Virginia, where they live, Julie has served as treasurer and president-elect of the Metro Richmond Family Law Bar Association; has co-chaired the Public Affairs Committee for the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association; and is a member of the Metro Richmond Women's Bar Association and the John Marshall Inns of Court. She serves on the board of directors of Women's Health Virginia.

Somehow, all the while, Julie's service to Dartmouth has only grown. She has served as secretary and president of the Dartmouth Club of Central Virginia; as young alumni chair of the Dartmouth Club of Washington, D.C.; as president of the Dartmouth Club of Western Pennsylvania; and as president of the Club Officers Association. In support of her class, Julie has served as reunion committee member, leadership agent, and regional chair. Serving a term on the Alumni Council, she chaired both the Committee on Alumni Organizations and the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee.

In her role as Club Officers Association president, Julie organized a recent Club and Affiliated Group Officers Weekend around the concept of the "long Green line," a phrase she heard Dartmouth trustee Michael Chu '68 use to describe the lasting bonds among members of the Dartmouth community. The phrase resonated with Julie, who in her youngest days made up her mind to be part of Dartmouth forever.

Julie recently said, "Dartmouth continues to challenge me to be better as a person, as an alum, and as a professional."

It's difficult for us to imagine room for improvement in this exceptional person: lawyer, mother, musician, volunteer, and outstanding representative of Dartmouth, who has helped its traditions endure. In recognition of Julie's contributions to society, her family, and her alma mater, we honor her tonight with the Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Rick Silverman '81
Dartmouth Alumni Council
May 16, 2008