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Dartmouth Club and Group Officers Weekend 2012 will be held on Winter Carnival weekend, February 10–11. Join us for a fun and eventful weekend designed to help you strengthen your local club or group, network with fellow volunteer officers, and reconnect with campus.

If you have any questions, please call us at (603) 646-3497. 

We look forward to seeing you in February!

Suzanne Wiley Young ’77
Senior Associate Director, Regional Affairs  

Sarah Sinclair
Assistant Director, Diversity and Shared Interest Groups

Event Program

Friday, February 10
11:30 am–1 pm Club and Group Officers Association Executive Committee Lunch Meeting
1930 Room, Rockefeller Center
1–4:15 pm Check-in (Registration moves to Filene Auditorium, Moore Hall, from 4:30 to 6 pm)
Zimmerman Lounge, Blunt Alumni Center

Pick up your materials for the weekend

1:30–2:30 pm Orientation for New Club and Group Officers and First-Time CAGOW Attendees
Room 2, Rockefeller Center
3–4:30 pm

Dartmouth on Location: "A Deeper Shade of Green"
Oopik Auditorium, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center

Hear from Rosi Kerr ’97, director of sustainability, about the latest strategies and projects that Dartmouth is developing to make the College a green leader (including the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center) and to put sustainability at everyone’s fingertips. Following this presentation, elect to either take a tour of the underground steam tunnels or visit the top of the Life Sciences Center to view the new greenhouse.

5–6 pm Address by President Jim Yong Kim ’82a 
Filene Auditorium, Moore Hall
6:15–7:15 pm Welcome Reception for Club/Affiliated/Shared Interest Group Officers and Student Affinity Organization Leaders
Hinman Forum, Rockefeller Center
Saturday, February 11
7–7:30 am
Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center
8–10:15 am
Tomorrow Together: The Dartmouth Strategic Plan
Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center

An overall look at the strategic planning process.  Presentation by Professor Denise L. Anthony, Chair, Faculty-Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

10:30–11:30 am
Collaboration:  What Makes Interactions Successful?
Room 028, Silsby Hall

A panel discussion on how you can work more closely with other clubs and groups to better serve the alumni body

11:30 am–12:30 pm Breakout Session 1 (choose one)
  • Financial Worst Practices: Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it
    Room 1, Rockefeller Center
  • Event Management: If you build it, will they come?
    Room 2, Rockefeller Center
  • Successful Communications Strategies: Facebook is so 2009! How to plot a strategy to reach all ages
    Room 3, Rockefeller Center
12:45–2 pm
Lunch with Club Scholarship Students and Group Student Leaders
Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center
2:15–3:15 pm
Plenary Session:  iModules – The New Frontier
Room 105, Dartmouth Hall

Learn more about this great new digital tool

3:30–5:30 pm District Enrollment Directors Session
Room 007, Kemeny Hall
3:30–4:30 pm

Breakout Session 2 (choose one) 
  • Affiliated and Shared Interest Group Roundtable
    1930 Room, Rockefeller Center
  • Successful Club Practices: Collaboration by Size
    • Small clubs
      Room 108, Kemeny Hall
    • Large and medium clubs
      Room 008, Kemeny Hall
    • Metro clubs
      Room 006, Kemeny Hall
4:30–6:30 pm
Afternoon Break

A great time to network with other club and group volunteers

4:45–6 pm Dartmouth Trivial Pursuit Contest
Collis Center

Hosted by the Hill Winds Society.Test your knowledge of the Big Green against alumni and students of all ages.

6:30 pm Reception
Top of the Hop, Hopkins Center
7:15 pm Dinner and Awards Presentation
Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center

Club and group awards will be presented, and members of the Club Officers Association Executive Committee will be elected.

Sunday, February 12
9–10 am Club and Group Officers Executive Committee Breakfast Debriefing
1930 Room, Rockefeller Center

Sunday morning is a great time to meet with fellow volunteers and explore new ideas and collaboration opportunities.  We've set aside four rooms in Blunt Alumni Center for you to gather informally. No need to reserve, unless you have a large group, in which case a call to Anita Brown at (603) 646-3497 is recommended.

  • Zimmerman Conference Room, First Floor
  • Zimmerman Lounge, First Floor
  • Room 109, First Floor
  • Winship Conference Room, Second Floor