Thank you for your interest in coordinating a Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service project!

We hope the Alumni Day of Service will inspire you to connect with other members of the Dartmouth community around a common cause. We encourage you to be creative in identifying partner organizations ­– the goal and type of project is up to you. From park clean-ups to cooking a meal at a homeless shelter to building toys for children in Haiti, projects of all kinds have allowed alumni to creatively engage with organizations in their community.

Guidelines for project planning:

Choose your activity and site

  • Reach out to fellow alumni early in the process to get their ideas and build team spirit.
  • Talk to the leadership of your local club or to Dartmouth alumni involved in local nonprofits to get project ideas.
  • Once you’ve identified potential partner organizations, reach out to find out about their volunteer needs, guidelines, and any restrictions.
  • Ask about age or other restrictions – we hope to make the projects as inclusive as possible.
  • If May 5 isn’t a good day for your group or partner organization, consider another date – we will still credit your effort as part of the broader Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service!

Coordinate with staff regarding project details.

  • As service project coordinator, work with your partner organization to establish the details of work to be done, number of volunteers needed, any materials required, and the hours planned.

  • Typically, we recommend that projects last around three hours, or longer if a meal or reception is planned as well. Many past programs were planned for 9 a.m.–noon, but consider the needs of your site and volunteers when choosing a timeframe.

  • A tentative program schedule could be:
    8:30 a.m.: Volunteers arrive on site and are briefed by site coordinator
    9:10-9:30 a.m.: Welcome remarks and project overview
    9:30-11:45 a.m.: Volunteer activity
    11:45 a.m.: Closing review and sharing stories
    Noon: Optional lunch or social gathering

  • If you’re planning an outdoor project, consider creating an alternate option in case of inclement weather.

  • Coordinate details of site setup, registration, and volunteer instruction.

  • Ask if there are any restrictions regarding photography at the project site.

Register your service project and open online registration

  • Register your project on the Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service website.

  • Once we receive your registration, we will create an online registration form for your project through iModules.

  • As the project coordinator, you will be able to access the registration list and contact participants.

Recruit volunteers

  • Connect with your local Dartmouth regional club so they are aware of your plans and can help promote the event.

  • Reach out to your class or any affiliated groups you are involved with – draw on the structure of those organizations to recruit volunteers. Or, consider organizing a mini reunion around the Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service project.

  • Publicize the event on club, class, and group websites and in newsletters, and send emails through your local club or your alumni councilor.

  • Consider using social media, and encourage your Dartmouth friends to spread the word.

  • Send written or email confirmations to those who register and share project details. Remind participants to wear their Dartmouth Green, and bring a Dartmouth banner to gather around for a photo!

Execute the plan

  • Arrive early and stay through the duration of the project to ensure that volunteers and partner organization staff have everything they need. Consider providing snacks and water to keep the energy of your volunteers high.

  • Set up a registration table with a sign-in sheet and name tags, and greet volunteers as they arrive. Before you start the project, make sure everyone is introduced – this is a great way to meet new Dartmouth friends.

  • Designate a photographer or encourage everyone to take photos.

Celebrate a job well done!

  • Consider planning some refreshments and social time – perhaps a picnic or lunch at an area restaurant – so that your time with Dartmouth friends new and old doesn’t end with the project.

  • Send thank-you notes to the volunteer organization and to participants.

  • Send us your comments, photos, or videos so we can share on social media, and share them with your local club or group.

Thank you again for your interest in organizing a project for the Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service! If you have a question, please reach out: