I already volunteer in my community. Why should I participate in the Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service?
Dartmouth alumni are a vibrant group, engaged with their communities in countless ways. The Alumni Day of Service is meant to celebrate that involvement, offer new opportunities for service, and help strengthen Dartmouth bonds.

Who should I contact with a question about a particular project?
We will post projects and contact information, organized by region, as we receive them from organizers. If you have additional questions or can’t find the information you need, please contact us at Alumni.Day.of.Service@dartmouth.edu.

Who should I contact if I have an idea for an Alumni Day of Service project in my area? What if there is no project planned in my area?
Please contact us at Alumni.Day.of.Service@dartmouth.edu if you would like to organize a project or know of an organization that could be a good partner.

Can family and friends participate in an Alumni Day of Service project?
Absolutely! We hope that members of the Dartmouth family of all ages will participate – and feel free to invite non-Dartmouth friends as well. Please check with your service project coordinator first to be sure the project can accommodate children or those of differing abilities.

Who should I call with questions on the actual Alumni Day of Service?
Please contact the service project coordinator in your area (see the project listing for their contact information).

What if I want to donate money rather than time?
Please coordinate with your service project coordinator to send your donation directly to the partnering nonprofit or agency.

May I take photos of alumni to share on social media?
This is a great way to recognize the efforts of your team and create a sense of camaraderie. However, please be sure to check with your contact at your partner organization about restrictions or guidelines on photography. Use #dartmouthserves to be sure that alumni around the world can see your efforts, and send us your photos so we can share them on the Dartmouth Alumni Relations channels as well.