Dartmouth Alma Mater Ringtone

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Download the Dartmouth Alma Mater on the Baker Tower bells!
A photo of the tower is also downloadable as cell phone wallpaper. The ringtone and wallpaper files are free and offered by the Dartmouth College Office of Alumni Relations.

Click "send to phone" (this requires temporarily allowing pop-ups) to go to the Myxer site. There you can set up a free account, and have the ringtone and/or photo file sent in a text message that you'll need to save on your phone. (Note: Verizon Wireless requires that the message be sent as an email, rather than a text, so if you're a Verizon user, your cell phone needs to be set up to accept email.)

Depending on your cell service plan, your carrier might apply a one-time charge for you to receive the text message or for Internet access and data transfer. If you’re not sure what the charge is, you should check with your carrier first.