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$5,584 total price air and land inclusive from Boston (includes airline taxes and fees)

From the breathtaking Amalfi Coast to eternal Rome, through the gentle Umbrian and Tuscan countryside to timeless Venice, this leisurely tour showcases ancient sites, contemporary life, priceless art, and beautiful natural scenery. Begin in stunning seaside Amalfi and visit the ruins at Pompeii. Continue to Rome and visit the Colosseum, the Forum, St. Peter's Square and the Sistine Chapel. Spend three nights in pastoral Umbria, journey through Tuscany touring Siena, Florence, and San Gimignano, and enjoy a local wine tasting before concluding in wondrous Venice.

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Day 1: Depart US for Naples, Italy
Day 2: Arrive Naples / Amalfi
Day 3: Amalfi / Ravello
Day 4: Pompeii / Amalfi Coast / Sorrento
Day 5: Amalfi / Montecassino / Rome
Day 6: Rome
Day 7: Rome
Day 8: Rome / Umbria
Day 9: Orvieto
Day 10: Orvieto / Assisi
Day 11: Orvieto / Perugia / Siena
Day 12: Siena
Day 13: Florence
Day 14: San Gimignano
Day 15: Siena / Venice
Day 16: Venice
Day 17: Depart for US

Optional two night post-tour: Venice, Italy

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Ada Cohen

Ada Cohen is Professor of Art History and the Israel Evans Professor in Oratory and Belles Lettres at Dartmouth. A native of Greece, she attended Brandeis University on a Wien International Scholarship, graduating with a BA in Art History and in Classical and Oriental Studies. She received her PhD from the Fine Arts Department at Harvard University. Professor Cohen is the author of The Alexander Mosaic: Stories of Victory and Defeat (1997, 2000), Art in the Era of Alexander the Great: Paradigms of Manhood and Their Cultural Traditions (2010, 2014), as well as the forthcoming Inside an Ancient Assyrian Palace: Looking at Austen Henry Layard's Reconstruction (October 2016). She has co-edited and contributed to Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II: A Cultural Biography (2010) as well as Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy (2007). She is currently working to complete a book titled The Judgment of Beauty in Ancient Greek Art. At Dartmouth she teaches a variety of courses on the art and architecture of the ancient Mediterranean. Because of her broader interest in visual representation, she also teaches courses on theory and method as well as the introduction to the field of art history. She has directed the Art History Department's Foreign Study Program in Rome several times.

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