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Cabins range from $7,995 to $13,495; children 7-18 sharing at $500 reduction (per person, double occupancy; cruise/land only)

Known as the "Cradle of Western Civilization," Greece is one of the best destinations in the world for a family educational cruise/tour. Athens and Greece's Peloponnese Peninsula deliver an enticing blend of history, diverse cultural influences, stunning natural beauty, and archaeological treasures. From Athens, an overland journey takes us across the Corinth Canal to the ancient site of Nemea and to the colorful seaport town of Nafplio. Then, set sail for a seven-night cruise around the stunning, sun-drenched coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula aboard the modern, privately chartered 18-cabin three-masted sailing yacht, Running on Waves. Delve into treasures of antiquity at the World Heritage site of Epidaurus, the bygone citadel of Mycenae and the rock of Monemvasia. Take a boat ride through the gleaming stalagmites and stalactites in the Diros Caves and float in the clear blue waters surrounding the Mani Peninsula. Have fun racing on the track at the original site of the Olympic Games at ancient Olympia, learn the mysteries of mystical Delphi, and cruise through the Corinth Canal back to Athens.

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Day 1: Depart US for Athens, Greece
Day 2: Athens
Day 3: Corinth / Nemea / Nafplio / Embark ship
Day 4: Mycenae / Epidaurus
Day 5: Monemvasia
Day 6: Diros / Limeni
Day 7: Messene
Day 8: Olympia
Day 9: Itea / Delphi / Corinth Canal
Day 10: Athens / Depart for home

Optional pre-tour: Athens

**Itinerary and pricing subject to change up until date of brochure publication**

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Dorothy Wallace

Dorothy Wallace received her B.S. in mathematics at Yale University and her Ph.D. at the University of California at San Diego, and is currently professor of mathematics at Dartmouth. She has broad background in many kinds of mathematics, with approximately 100 publications in pure, applied, and educational topics. From 1995 to 2000 she led the seminal Mathematics Across the Curriculum project funded by the National Science Foundation. She was 2000 New Hampshire CASE Professor of the Year and won the Dartmouth Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award in 2005 and Dean of the Faculty Mentoring Award for 2016-17. In the last 9 years she has supervised 45 undergraduates conducting research through internships, independent study, and senior theses. Her research papers in mathematical biology include 29 undergraduates among her coauthors.

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