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Cabins range from $4,995 to $9,595 (per person, double occupancy; before October 13, add $1,000 after October 13; land/cruise only)

Experience the best of mysterious China and enchanting Tibet--two lands whose stunning beauty forms the backdrop of centuries-old civilizations steeped in legend and tradition. This exceptional, custom-designed and comprehensive 15-day journey encompasses the breadth of China from the Himalayan "Rooftop of the World," with three nights in seldom-visited "Sun City" of Lhasa, through the dramatic gorges of the Yangtze River and to the historic neighborhoods of Old Shanghai. Enjoy Five-Star accommodations in centrally located hotels in Beijing, Xi'an and Lhasa and in Shanghai's historic FAIRMONT PEACE HOTEL. Aboard the deluxe M.V. VICTORIA JENNA, cruise for three nights from Chongqing to Yichang. Tour the impressive Three Gorges Dam. Visit six UNESCO World Heritage sites. Walk along the Great Wall and through Beijing's Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Visit the ancient capital of Xi'an and view the impressive Terra Cotta Warriors. Explore magnificent Tibetan temples and monasteries, including Potala Palace, former winter residence of the Dalai Lamas, and experience Shanghai's Bund and Pudong districts, including the Shanghai Museum.

Event Itinerary 

Day 1: Depart US or Canada / Cross the International Date Line
Day 2: Beijing, China
Day 3: Beijing
Day 4: Beijing
Day 5: Beijing / Fly to Xi'an
Day 6: Xi'an
Day 7: Xi'an / Fly to Lhasa, Tibet
Day 8: Lhasa
Day 9: Lhasa
Day 10: Lhasa / Fly to Chongqing, China / Embard MV Victoria Jenna
Day 11: Cruising the Yangtze River / Shibaozhai
Day 12: Three Gorges / Cruising the Goddess Stream and Three Lesser Gorges / Cruising the Three Gorges Dam locks
Day 13: Sandouping and the Three Gorges Dam visit / Yichang / Disembark ship / Fly to Shanghai
Day 14: Shanghai
Day 15: Shanghai / Return to US and Canada

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Lindsay Whaley

Lindsay Whaley is a Professor of Classics and Linguistics and the former Associate Provost for International Initiatives. His primary area of research is determining cross-linguistic tendencies in the syntactic and morphological properties of languages. As part of this effort, he has done extensive field research on several Tungusic languages spoken in the northeast of China. Dr. Whaley also researches the processes of language endangerment and revitalization. He is the author and editor of several books including "Saving Languages, An Introduction to Typology: The Unity and Diversity of Languages and Recent Advances in Tungusic Linguistics". He is currently working on a book, tentatively entitled "Language Vitality and Community Well Being," that explores the way in which communities around the world are developing language revitalization programs as part of largely community development efforts.

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McGill, Queen’s, Toronto
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Thomas P. Gohagan & Company