Can't wait another nine months for Winter Carnival West? Good news! You don't have to! This year, on the weekend of August 18-19, the second annual Tube Stock West celebration will be hosted by the Dartmouth Outing Club of Northern California at the DOCNC cabin up in Donner Pass.  

Please join us for a weekend of revelry including hiking, biking, lakeside lounging, a summertime installment of Winter Carnival West's "Pink Time" on the sunny shores of Lake Mary, and of course, a traditional Dartmouth feed night. It’s free to join any or all of these events and $65 to reserve a bed at the DOCNC cabin for the weekend. 

To reserve your spot or learn more, contact Ben Prudhomme. This is also a great opportunity for new or potential members, especially young alumni, to get to know the club and the cabin.