Join the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley and rock along with a really big band! Mark your calendars for an evening of classic and modern rock to kick off the New Year..

Enjoy Christine McVie, John Hall, Steven Stills, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and a dozen more, all delivered in finger snapping 6-part harmony by the 200-plus member Rock Voices and their live professional band. It may sound like a choir, but it’s really more like a rock band with lots of singers. One of our fellow alumni, Peter Dupret '65, pretends to be a tenor in the choir and loves hiding behind the other 199 who really do know how to sing! 

Tickets are on sale now and the show is guaranteed to sell out before the end of the year.You can buy your tickets at the Academy’s box office or on their website. Tickets are $15 adults, $12 seniors, $8 students, and children under 12 free. Several of us groupies have already purchased seats in the right loge and would love to have a Big Green cheering section around us.

We’ll meet beforehand at ConVino Wine Bar in Thorne’s at 5pm for a hearty warm-up. If you'd like to join us for the pre-performance dinner, please email Peter at to let him know.