Join Dartmouth alumni, faculty, and students in Hanover for an afternoon filled with insightful and inspiring presentations and panels on the challenges and opportunities of work in today's world. After the symposium, enjoy the company of other attendees at a reception.

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1:30 PM

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Cook Auditorium Foyer, Tuck School of Business

2–2:45 PM

Keynote: Making Yourself Future-Proof
Cook Auditorium, Tuck School of Business
Cuong Do ’88 Tu’89, president of the global strategy group at Samsung, will lead a fireside chat with Gary Briggs, chief marketing officer at Facebook, and Colin Stretch ’91, general counsel at Facebook.

2:45–3 PM

Networking Break
Cook Auditorium Foyer, Tuck School of Business

3–4 PM

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What Firms Are Looking for in the Next Generation of Talent
Cook Auditorium, Murdough Center, Tuck School of Business
While industries and job functions vary widely, there is remarkable consistency across them in terms of what firms are looking for in their talent. This panel aims to de-mystify the hiring process. It will also discuss the important attributes -- whether you are considering a change within or outside your current career path – that will help you optimize your chances to get an interview or offer. The panel will shed light on what you can do to differentiate yourself and articulate your story and will highlight what employers are looking for when seeking new talent.
Moderator: Tom Daniels ’82, senior director/partner, Spencer Stuart
Panelists: Laurie Shapiro ’95, director of talent acquisition at The Hackett Group, and Robin Levine ’01, CEO and co-founder, Scouted; and Margot Lalonde ’02 Tu’09, head of global people and learning, strategy and corporate finance at McKinsey & Company

How the Freelance Economy and Technology are Changing Work
Barclay Classroom, Murdough Center, Tuck School of Business
The way people work is changing dramatically, thanks to technology and innovative crowd-sourcing business models. Today’s workforce doesn’t necessarily go into the office, but instead works seamlessly from anywhere. In addition, it’s easier than ever before to work for yourself as an independent consultant with access to thousands of potential clients through expert networks like Catalant. This panel will give you an opportunity to hear from alumni at three companies the forefront of these changes in work — Catalant, HubSpot and Deloitte — to help you better understand how the freelance economy and technology are changing work and what it might look like in the future.     
Moderator: Caroline Cannon Tu’98, associate director, Tuck Career Services
Panelists: Valerie Zhao ’15, associate product manager, Catalant Technologies; David Fineman Tu’82, specialist leader, HR transformation and people analytics, Deloitte Consulting; and Ryan Burkart ’99 Tu’08, investor relations analyst, HubSpot

Permission to Pivot
Stoneman Classroom, Murdough Center, Tuck School of Business
Whether you are embarking on your first career or exploring a career change, this panel offers practical approaches and tips to successfully navigate moments of transition. Sometimes we make career choices because we feel they are what we are “supposed to do” and not what we want to do. Other times career choices are forced upon us for personal and financial reasons. Whichever is the case, when we give ourselves permission to pivot we give ourselves an opportunity to explore new options, experience growth, and even explore our passions. This panel provides case studies and the opportunity to hear from alumni whose careers span a variety of professions, including social good, performing arts, law, finance, writing, teaching, and consulting. Their experiences will encourage you to consider how to bridge the gap between what you have been doing, what you think you should be doing, and what you want to do.
Moderator: Michelle LaFond ’83, vice president and chief regulatory counsel at Unum
Panelists: Curt Welling ’71, Tu’77, senior fellow and clinical professor at the Tuck School of Business, co-owner of The  Canoe Club, former president and CEO of Americares, former CEO of SG Cowen; Adrienne "Tee" Lotson ’82, author, cultural anthropologist, hearing officer/administrative law judge for the City of New York, former sports attorney for the  NCAA and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG); Amy Feind Reeves Tu’92, CEO and founder of JobCoachAmy; Elizabeth Roberts ’00, partner and head of people at Ulysses Holdings, former professional opera singer

4–4:15 PM

Networking Break
Cook Auditorium Foyer, Tuck School of Business

4:15–5:15 PM

Track Two Options

Following Your Passion:  The Value of Liberal Arts in an Era of Acceleration
Ankeny Classroom, Murdough Center, Tuck School of Business
Facing a constantly changing economic landscape, college debt, and uncertainty about the future, many students feel a lot of pressure to treat college as a pre-professional training camp — yet evidence suggests that a liberal arts degree is what will best prepare today’s students for the workplaces of the future. What are the liberal arts? To what extent does your choice of major determine the career you’ll pursue after graduation? Can students afford to follow their passion by studying what they love? What kinds of skills are employers looking for these days? Our panelists will share what their experiences have taught them about the value of a liberal arts degree in this era of accelerating change.
Moderator: Lisa Baldez, professor of government and of Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies, Cheheyl Professor and director, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning
Panelists: Cecelia Gaposchkin, associate professor of history, assistant dean of the faculty for pre-major advising; Dr. David Silbersweig ’82, chair, department of psychiatry and co-director of the Center for the Neurosciences at Brigham and Women’s/Faulkner Hospitals, Stanley Cobb Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, dean for academic programs at Partners HealthCare; Daniel Black ’82, managing partner, The Wicks Group; Catherine Briggs ’88, marketing consultant

How Does Entrepreneurship Fit in the Future of Work?
Cook Auditorium, Murdough Center, Tuck School of Business
In this accelerated era, is it better to launch a company in the early stages of your career or gain experience and postpone entering the start-up arena? This panel reflects the wide breadth of types of entrepreneurial endeavors and demonstrates the relative levels of expertise they require. Panelists will share personal experiences and guidance on the skills needed to manage risk, raise capital, explore innovative options, and found your own company.
Moderator: Cuong Do ’88 Tu’89, president of the global strategy group at Samsung
Panelists: Sherri Oberg ’82 Tu’86, trustee emeritus, entrepreneur, and director; Tillman Gerngross, professor of engineering, adjunct professor of biology and chemistry, co-founder of GlycoFi Inc. (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck), Adimab, LLC, Arsanis Inc., Avitide Inc., and Alector Inc.; Rachel Casseus ’06, founding attorney, Casseus Law; and Rob Kornblum ’91, entrepreneur in residence, GE Ventures, startup coach, best-selling author

Tuck School Resources Available to Undergraduates
Stoneman Classroom, Murdough Center, Tuck School of Business
Learn about the three main resources available to undergraduates through the renowned Tuck School of Business. Participants in the Dartmouth Professional Insights Network will share their experiences through this program that matches graduate students with undergraduates to provide opportunities for mentoring, career exploration, networking, and resume reviews.  You will also hear about the three undergraduate business courses taught by Tuck School faculty and available to undergraduates:  Principles of Marketing, Financial Accounting, and Business Management and Strategy. Additionally, the faculty director of the Tuck Business Bridge Program, offered in the summer and during December break, as well as program participants, will share information about this immersive experience designed to prepare undergraduates and recent graduates for challenging careers.
Moderator: Matthew Slaughter, Paul Danos Dean of the Tuck School of Business
Panelists: Nayab Luqman ’12 Tu’19, Dartmouth Professional Insight Network (DPIN) co-chair for 2018–2019 and career exploration lead for 2017–2018; Vitalie Djugostran Tu’18, Dartmouth Professional Insight Network Mentor (DPIN); James Schenck ’19, DPIN participant; Eesha Sharma, associate professor of business administration, Paul E. Raether Tu’73 Faculty Fellow; Jung Woon Yoon ’19; Judith White, clinical professor of management at the Tuck School, faculty director of the Business Bridge Program, and lecturer in the department of psychological and brain sciences; and Ruben Gallardo ’18, Tuck Business Bridge Program alumnus

5:15–5:30 PM

Networking Break
Cook Auditorium Foyer, Tuck School of Business

5:30–6:15 PM

Keynote: From Dartmouth to Asia to Silicon Valley – The Relevance of a Liberal Arts Degree  In a Tech-Driven World
Cook Auditorium, Tuck School of Business
Jonathan Auerbach ’85, EVP and chief strategy, growth, and data officer, PayPal

6:30–7:30 PM

Hayward Ballroom, Hanover Inn

7:30–9:30 PM

Grand Ballroom, Hanover Inn
By invitation for symposium presenters and first 140 registered undergraduates

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