Join faculty, alumni, parents, and friends for an afternoon filled with insightful and inspiring presentations and panels on the challenges and opportunities of work in today’s world. After the symposium, enjoy the company of other attendees at a reception.

$50/person for undergraduate alumni who graduated in 2012 or earlier, parents, and all graduate school alumni
$25/person for undergraduate alumni who graduated in the classes of 2013-2017


1:30 PM 

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2–3 PM            

Keynote Address
Creativity, Humor, and Delight: Understanding, Building, and Measuring Impact in an Accelerated Era
Lorie Loeb, professor of computer science, director of the Digital Arts Program, and executive director of the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation (DALI) Lab
Information is everywhere, in large quantity and questionable quality. Breakthroughs in technology mean that data is collected, analyzed and shared in ways that dramatically shift the future of work. Core to succeeding in this rapidly changing landscape is the ability to develop a creative mind and learning how to communicate information in ways that increase impact, create connections, and change behavior. This keynote will look at how brain science, behavioral economics, and user experience design can be applied to building technology solutions that have lasting impact and rock our world.  

3–3:15 PM

Networking Break
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Track One Options:

Management and Leadership in the New Workplace
Kirk Arnold ’81, technology executive and independent board member
As businesses evolve their strategy to deal with new types of competition and disruptive technologies, they are also grappling with the challenges of a changing workplace — talent deficits in key areas, changing employee expectations and motivations, and new roles for leaders in the transition. In this session, we will explore/discuss/debate the impact of changes in technology, workplace norms, and career models on business leaders. How do they respond to the pressures and opportunities these changes present, and how do they adapt their own career choices to succeed in the new workplace? 

Panel Presentation: Permission to Pivot
Michelle LaFond ’83, vice president, chief regulatory counsel at Unum
Panelists: Walter Palmer ’90, independent consultant, Player Affairs Consulting
Amy Feind Reeves Tu’92, CEO 
and founder, JobCoachAmy
Ricki Fairley ’78, 
president, thought leader, DOVE Marketing
Pauline Brown ’88, board advisor, lecturer, author and former head of North America at LVMH Inc.

Sometimes we choose career changes and other times they are forced upon us. Whichever is the case, when we give ourselves permission to pivot we give ourselves an opportunity to pursue passions and experience growth. Often, we spend so much time early in our careers thinking about what we feel we should be doing that we don’t take the time to think about what we want to be doing. This panel provides case studies about how to bridge the gap between what you have been doing and what you want to do.


Networking Break
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Track Two Options:

Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation
Peter Robbie ’69, associate professor, Thayer School of Engineering
Eugene Korsunskiy, lecturer, Thayer School of Engineering

The solutions to tomorrow's problems will demand increasingly innovative thinking, and the answers to the complex challenges facing our planet will likely be found at the intersections of multiple disciplines. Design thinking, a methodology that forms the foundation of human-centered design, is a powerful toolset for collaborative innovation to address human needs. In this interactive, hands-on session, you will learn and practice the core tenets of the design thinking methodology and explore their application to the world of work.

Panel Presentation:  Entrepreneurial Endeavors - Impact of Innovation Now and Going Forward
Moderator: Samantha Truex ’92 Th ’93 Tu ‘95, entrepreneur-in-residence, Atlas Venture
Panelists: Rob Kornblum ‘91, EIR-GE Ventures, startup coach, best-selling author
Rachel Casseus ’06, founding attorney, Casseus Law
Jeremy Katz ’95, president, Research Dataware
Dana Guernsey ’06 Th ’07 ’08, vice president of market and business operations, Voltus, Inc.
John Pepper ’91 T’97, CEO/co-founder Boloco, co-founder Worthee 

Innovations in the way we work have driven changes across all job sectors, and most notably in start-up culture and operations. Across our experience set, we see changes in the ways we reach out to potential new hires, an expansion of the talent pool, and flexibility in when, where, and how we work together. We will explore the impact, both positive and negative, of these and other innovations on the entrepreneurial world of today and tomorrow.

6:30–7:30 PM